03 9557 2016

Inspiring business

“Magic happens when we collaborate. It doesn’t when we compete.” – Mary-Anne Waldren

Mary-Anne Waldren inspires. Engage her to inspire you.

She inspires businesses when she mentors them and individuals when she speaks to them. Mary-Anne inspires synergies, partnerships and sponsorships, and the creation and production of pioneering events. She makes people want to work for her and with her and to work for themselves.

Mary-Anne was managing a family-owned laundromat from the age of 9. Business is in her blood and her passion is in empowering entrepreneurs and fostering synergies for a common good.

Mary-Anne is the dynamo behind the Australian Science Festival, National Science Week and Canberra’s Innovation festival, ICAN. She is also the founder of the Master series of business training programs: Master Mentor, Master Entrepreneur, Master Networker and Master Collaborator.

Mary-Anne has engineered the delivery of more than 70 Radio National broadcasts for clients. She is a director of several family businesses involving marketing, business development, retail and commercial enterprises.

She mentors businesses, provides a range of training workshops, is a keynote speaker and facilitator, produces exceptional events, is a sponsorship sharpshooter, consults to businesses and masterminds one-off campaigns for causes she is passionate about.


"Mary-Anne is an inspiration and a legend."
 - ABC radio’s Robyn Williams

“Mary-Anne Waldren is, by all accounts, a superwoman.”

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