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You're The Voice - Take a Stand for those unable to protect themselves

19 Jul 2019 8:54 AM -

Important social issues can be heard when ordinary people and organisations take a stand. Johnny Farnham’s song “You’re the voice” is about finding the courage and confidence to speak up against the ills of s...

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Be Present

29 Apr 2019 11:21 AM - Mary Anne

Be Present

One of the things I value most about connecting with people is whether they are present or not. Being present for others means you really value them. I really appreciate it when people are present for me. After all it sho...

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Anchor your words for a cause on radio

29 Apr 2019 11:00 AM - Mary Anne

Anchor your words for a cause on radio

Calling all NGO’s, Associations, Charities and NFP’s

Cause related radio programs impact government policy. In fact, programs with a panel of three or four people who are strategic...

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How's Your Energy Today?

22 Mar 2019 10:27 AM - Mary Anne

Your energy introduces you before you even speak. So be self-aware

We are all affected by the energy of others. If you are being affected by someone’s energy. Tune in and ask what’s going on?


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Collaborating and Forging Sustainable Partnerships

13 Jan 2017 12:28 PM -

Like so many others, I started in business without clear self-created boundaries around the process of collaboration.

And yet, I had a talent for collaboration at an early age v...

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Great Events are Built Step By Step with a Clear Vision.

17 Sep 2016 3:43 PM -

"Life’s rewards appear at the end and not the beginning of the journey. There is no way I can foresee how many steps it will take me to reach my goal … I will never know how close I am to it if I don’t turn the...

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Emotional Intelligence is vital when running Events

17 Sep 2016 2:23 PM -

There is a strong correlation between Emotional Intelligence and how well you perform at and are recognized at work, according to all of the studies I have come across. People with emotional intelligence are valua...

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