Strategic Event & Media Reviews

Mary Anne is a media strategy and event specialist who conducts organisational reviews and develops one off media ideas for TV and Radio.   Her speciality are Festivals, launches, business events and conferences. Listen to a recent one hour program Mary Anne produced for Geraldine Doogue, host of ABC Radio National's Saturday Extra program.

Mary Anne hs worked on big organisational issues with clients such as Australian Broadcasting Corporation, National Association for Women in Construction, Jobs Australia, Beyond Blue, Defence Housing Australia, The British Council, Master Builders Association, The Academy of Science, The Royal Australian Mint, Canberra Hospital and has worked with many Cooperative Research Centres including the CRC Association, CRC CARE, Wound CRC, Plant Biosecurity CRC.

Mary-Anne is a producer of in studio or online panel discussions with the ABC and National Associations. She is masterful at uniting people and partnerships in working towards a common goal.. She can help you develop a campaign that is right for your organisation. Click here to contact her.

Radio National Broadcasts

Paul Barclay is a regular host at events Mary Anne puts together
Geraldine Doogue discussing 80 years of International Broadcasting with ABC RN

Mary-Anne joined forces with Radio National almost twenty six years ago to stage and broadcast themed events.

Mary Anne is a media strategy and event specialist.  Her clients engage her to put together one hour radio and TV programs for their annual conferences.  The events influence agendas and have a longer life than their conference itself. She researches and suggests engaging and topical events and panellists, brokers partnerships to fund forums and markets the events to fill venues.

Event supporters receive unparalleled promotion and awareness for their business products, awards or areas of expertise.

The ABC’s charter means editorial control of events rests with it. Despite this, Mary-Anne is skilled at delivering topics and panellists that suit both ABC and clients’ agendas.

ABC presenters she has worked with include Geraldine Doogue, Maxine McKew, Phillip Adams, Robyn Williams, Norman Swan, Bernie Hobbs, Paul Willis, Richard Aedy, Rachael Kohn, Alan Saunders, Julie McCrossin, Sandy McCutcheon, Paul Barclay and Natasha Mitchell.

ABC Radio National Celebrated 80 years of International Broadcasting and Mary Anne worked with Geraldine Doogue and her team to produce a one hour program to celebrate the occasion.  

 " Beyond Blue achieved tremendous results on an event called "Boys Don't Cry".  The event focused on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and  ABC Television covered the event with the pre-recorded radio program going to air twice.  Once when the troops came back from Afganistan and then repeated again on ANZAC day.  Veteran Affairs attended the event and gave additional funding to Beyond Blue and SoldierOn as a direct result of the program going to air. See link