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Master Certificate in Business Success

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Live five-week online course accessible around the globe

Every Tuesday lunchtime from 13 February to Tuesday 13 March, 2018 

The first and last week are 1.5 hours and the weeks in between are 1 hour.  All participants will have three one on one sessions with Mary Anne.  Each session is recorded and you will receive an audio and video file and templates after each session.

Training and mentoring at its flexible best delivered by an industry legend


Students will focus on unblocking the obstacles to success and cover vital information ranging from the innovative Believing Forward Budget to the importance of vision, intent, networking, producing the perfect event, collaborating, deal-making and much more. Almost 40 templates and dozens of categories of tips will be included so students can apply their knowledge immediately and in a highly structured way.

The course includes a Business Success Tool Kit.  The Took kit has 23 Templates that include draft agreements, Human Resource Management templates, Event management templates and Public Relations and Media templates that most business units need.  Businesses send thousands of dollars on consultants each year.   Consultants can charge more than $1,000 to prepare any one of these templates.  The kit normally priced at $950 is FREE as part of the course.  

The Master of Business Success Tool Kit is not intended to replace lawyers, Human Relations, Public Relations or Event Management Specialists; however, they have been prepared by Specialists to help propel you and your business forward.

Each person on the program has the opportunity to choose their own Homework e.g. you could present to me an overview of an on-line training program via zoom which I can show you how to use as a homework idea.  Every participant gets three one-on-one hour sessions in addition to the 5-day course.  

 Some of the ideas for homework to be delivered to me after the course so you get a certificate could be:

  • submit a 90 work day plan, 
  • submit a 2 page business plan
  • Submit a believing forward budget 
  • Deliver an online training program to me via zoom (under an hour)
  • write a press release
  • Deliver a plan for  a launch/event
  • Write a staff policy and procedures manual
  • Present a talk you plan to give to an organisation to me via zoom (this could be a training program with brochure)
  • write a contract between you and another organisation
  • Design your own homework and deliver it to me depending on your organisations need


Experience: Mary Anne Waldren distills three decades of award-winning business experience into this program, which is tailor-made for the specific needs of each student.

Flexibility: She provides each participant with three valuable one-on-one sessions with her - before, during and after the course. You can download lectures and accompanying templates from any of the five modules at times that suit you, complete the program live, or mix learning modes.

Quality: A massive 95 per cent of those trained by Mary Anne Waldren report being very satisfied with their training. 


“Mary Anne’s knowledge, experiences and business successes have enabled her to deliver a thorough and highly constructive course for anyone looking for their own success story. The templates provided are proven to work and the group conversations were a wonderful way to learn! Mary Anne is a great mentor.” - Kristen Hannan, Geoscience Australia

“I was inspired by Mary-Anne’s business experience, and attending her Master Certificate in Business Success course not only provided ideas on how to grow our business, it led to collaborative work almost immediately.”

Dr Simon Torok, Director, Scientell Pty Ltd (Melbourne)

I would highly recommend the Master Certificate in Business Success led by the inspirational Mary-Anne Waldren. The delivery and interactive style of the course added to the learning experience as we were able not only draw from Mary-Anne’s knowledge and experiences, but also fellow students. A great injection of knowledge and wisdom to push me forward.  

Kellie Broderick, The Uniting Church in Australia (Qld Synod)

“If you are lucky enough to become a business friend of Mary-Anne Waldren’s you have indeed struck gold. I have known Mary-Anne for 18 years and we have worked on a number of business opportunities, from Board to Community interests. She facilitated networks that have led to sustained benefits for me as a keynote speaker, author, business woman and academic. Mary-Anne has an incredible capacity for sharing wisdom, partnering and finding opportunities to profile professionals in ways that no one else does.”- 

Sheryle Moon, Businesswoman, Start-Up and ICT Industry Business Leader (Canberra) 


Week 1: The big picture and how to protect it

Vision, intent and the collaborative environment are covered. Case histories and extensive templates ranging from a Staff & Collaborators Code of Conduct and a Believing Forward Budget to a 90-Day Plan and a Full Business Plan are provided 

Week 2: Collaborating and Forging Sustainable Business

Collaborating and deal-making begin in the office, continue with both personal and online networking opportunities and extend to boardrooms where deals are signed. Networking tips and how to recognise had business are focuses. Templates range from sponsorship proposals and tips to a confidentiality agreement 

Week 3: Masterminding events

Achieve whatever business or personal objective you can think of by organising a killer event. Extensive templates and case histories will give you the complete framework you need in order to produce events that can foster the conversations that create change for individuals, organisations, industries, even cities. Design events that bring in business with other collaborators who want to keep working with you.

Week 4: Speak up for success

Public speaking is a skill you use whether you realise it or not. Mary Anne, an award-winning public speaker and TEDx alumni member, will teach you how to speak up for yourself, provide tips, teach you how speaking can lead to selling and help you develop your best elevator pitch.

Week 5 Boards and networking for Success

Joining Boards, running boards whether Government, Not-for-profit, commercial, family or even Advisory Boards can enhance your career prospects, profits and presence.  The secret is to be active, be awake, alert and present to what is going on because this can be where some of the real opportunities for partnership can occur.  It’s also an area where shenanigans can occur in Australian Business.


All participants get three one one one mentoring sessions with Mary Anne.  Practical homework due after the course will help your achieve new success

An Essential Archetype Review for any one who signs up for the super early bird price. It's a saving saving of $500.  Gets the Essential Archetype Review valued at $250 for FREE. Learn your strengths and weaknesses and what might be holding you back from achieving your success

Further information

Super Early bird rate    Paid by 12 January   $1,200 (plus GST)
Early Bird                    Paid by 24 January   $1,400 (plus GST)
Regular Rate                Paid by 9 February   $1,700 (plus GST)

* Bring two second person along and attend for $850 each.

Course Dates & Times

13 February       Tuesday @ 12.15pm AEST
20 February       Tuesday @ 12.15pm AEST
27 February       Tuesday @ 12.15pm AEST
6 March             Tuesday @ 12.15pm AEST
13 March           Tuesday @ 12.15pm AEST

For information or to book contact Mary Anne Waldren on 0412 340 622 or Maryanne@mawaction.com.au