Master Mentor Program

Thursday 8 November 2012

 You can't always do business behind your desk. Four inspiring businesspeople will present the next Master Mentor Program on Thursday 8 November 2012. Click here to register for the program.

 Business for many is tough at the moment so its important to network with other inspiring business people to grow your business.  The Master Mentor Program is thought provoking, revitalizing, exciting and sets your brain into active networking and learning mode.  The common feedback from the program is that people get so much more out of the experience than they expected.

Shane Horsburgh,

Master of Conscious Leadership, Consultant, Effective People

Shane, a macho counter-terrorist, saw some of the worst bullying of his life in war-torn Iraq, by his colleagues. “It was rife and taken to the extremes of pulling guns on each other,” he said. It was this brutalising experience, coupled with a chance meeting with a wise man, that awakened Shane’s inner adult. He wrote an enlightening book and has applied his background in human resources to training men and boys especially in conflict resolution, effective leadership, communication and self-realisation. 

Mary-Anne Waldren,

Master of Intent, CEO, MAW Action

You create your own luck when you move your unconscious desires to your conscious mind. Mary-Anne calls this “believing forward”. She will expose the genius behind business planning and teach you how to set intent for the greater good of those around you in business.

 Tim Hyde,

Master of Online Business, CEO,

Tim accidently created The-RiotACT, an independent and controversial online media outlet, with the help of a few friends and a few beers 12 years ago. He has been likened to the new messiah, had his family threatened with beheading by chainsaw, and everything in between. The news and views forum boasts 160,000 readers, including captains of industry, ACT politicians and students.

 Lynette Murray,

Master of Wealth Creation, Managing Director, ActonAdvice

Are you a swan or a squirrel, when it comes to money? Are you serene, on the surface, whilst paddling madly underneath? Are you forever saying, “I can’t afford that?” Or are you a hybrid? Lynette outlines these money personalities in her new book, Pretty Rich. Lynette, a financial planner, has been sifting her wide range of clients into these categories for decades. She will enable your to understand your money personality and that of the people around you. Most friction within partnerships comes from not understanding how your money personalities differ, she says.


When:           Thursday November 8, 2012

Where:          Australian Institute of Management ACT

                      Ground Floor, 14 Childers Street (Corner of University Avenue)

                      Canberra ACT 2601

Cost:              $195 (early bird before November 1) $225 regular

Info:               Mary-Anne Waldren 0412340622

                        [email protected]


Places are limited so book early to register.


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