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“Mary-Anne Waldren is a gifted speaker. She is the most natural and effective communicator I have ever encountered.” – Anne-Marie Cooper, ACT President, Women Chiefs of Enterprise International

Mary-Anne speaks regularly at conferences and other forums. She tailor makes each speech to the people who are in the room. Mary-Anne talks about topics she knows inside out and is noted for her energy, her integrity and her engaging and useful anecdotes. 

Listen to an audio where Mary-Anne Waldren gives our her 5 top networking tips.

Mary-Anne has designed the Master series of programs to share the knowledge she and her entrepreneurial peers have accumulated over many lifetimes. The series includes:


“The Master Mentor Program delivers a fantastic rounding out of professional skills for people from all industries and all levels of seniority. It provides a meaningful networking platform to connect with progressive local business people. It’s also great fun.” 
- Participant 

This monthly program showcases Canberra’s most influential businesspeople, each of whom gives participants practical information they can use.

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“The Master Entrepreneur Program has saved me two years of work. It is by far the most valuable business training tool I have come across.” – Participant

Participants speed-date Master Entrepreneurs during this hugely popular fast track to business success. The best participants are selected and mentored by the Masters afterwards.

Past Masters have included Fantastic Furniture founder Julian Tertini, Founder of Protocom and ActivIdentity Director Jason Hart, developer John Hindmarsh, ITL Limited founder Bill Mobbs and founder of Murray’s Coaches, Buses and Limousines Ron Murray.  

The latest program is being held in Melbourne for the CRC Association Conferenc on 15 May 2013.  Chick here to see the program. 

View a film about the Master Entrepreneur Program. 


“Mary-Anne Waldren is Canberra royalty when it comes to networking. She knows just about everyone and can get to everyone else if she has to. She is also generous with her knowledge and is a talented mentor.” Greg Field, Head, Centre for Leadership in Management and General Manager ACT, Australian Institute of Management

Networking is the one of the best business tools there is. The rules of networking are subtle and strategic, but possible to master. As one of Australia’s best-connected businesspeople, Mary-Anne Waldren presents a master class on networking where participants can learn how to network with a purpose and maintain great relationships.


"Mary-Anne Waldren is respected throughout Australia for her industry and her award-winning ability. She surrounds herself with exceptional people who want to work for her and has an uncanny ability to be able to unite people from all different backgrounds." - Past Engineers Australia President Rolfe Hartley

Successful leaders collaborate. It is simply the best way to do business.

Collaborations flourish when boundaries, such as contracts and relationship guidelines are clear and established from the outset. Mary-Anne takes participants on a journey of self-discovering during this popular presentation.


Master Leader

You cannot become a good leader by trying to be like someone else. Mary-Anne talks about her own difficult path to becoming a better leader and the personal cost of that journey.

Master Promoter

Mary-Anne generated more than a million dollars a year in media coverage for the Australian Science Festival, and she did this on a shoestring. This talk is packed full of anecdotes about how she fostered relationships and used targeted campaigns, social media outlets and old-fashioned ingenuity to promote this and other festivals.

Master of Effectiveness

Mary-Anne discusses some of the most effective habits of successful people, including her own.

Master of Intent

“Believing forward.” This is the term Mary-Anne has coined to describe what happens when you set goals. The first business plan Mary-Anne wrote set out three-year goals. She achieved all of them within 12 months. Hear how you can do this too.

Master of Event Management

Mary-Anne turned three new festivals into internationally renowned events and, in the process, did every single job involved. She has, at one time or another, acted as the marketing, media, sponsorship officers, the event producer and the CEO. Hear inspiring, informative and often hilarious anecdotes and some of the war stories that happened during two decades of event management.


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