Mary Anne offers business and personal mentoring to clients.  The Business Mentoring is tailor made to suit each individual business.  The Personal Mentoring is a program called The Essential Archeypte program.  It is a life changing program which goes for eight months.  It helps individuals to did deep and align their personality, their emotions, their mind and their purpose.    Details about each program are below.

Business Mentoring

"Business growth begins with personal growth and the right connections.” – Mary Anne

Mary Anne also offers Business Mentoring at $250 (plus GST) or pay for 5 sessions in advance and you get a 10% discount.  

Mary Anne services include:

  • Business mentoring assists leaders to step up and Step Forward
  • Advice, ideas and connections to set up Advisory Boards or be mentored by Global Entrepreneurs
  • Brokering of relationships to obtain funding 
  • Events and Training e.g.. Master Entrepreneur Program events, Master Certificate in Business Intuition course, Master Certificate in Business Success course

Mary-Anne is an award-winning and highly successful business woman who is available to mentor you. Click here to contact her.

Mary-Anne has spent a lifetime developing her inner vision. She helps the people who take part in her mentoring programs to do this as well.

Telstra, Ernst & Young, the Enterprise Workshop and others have recognised her talents. She has grown many businesses: community-based enterprises in the science and business sectors and family businesses in retail, hospitality and commercial property.

Mary-Anne helps pr and communication professionals and entrepreneurs to develop everything from business and financial plans to marketing, promotional, media and sponsorship strategies. She helps clients with all aspects of their businesses. Being of Service to our clients brings trust, confidence and greater rewards financially and professionally.  Mary Anne will help you see past the tricksters and illusionists in business and assist you to continue to be an authentic leader, set boundaries and prosper.

She has an unrelenting passion for business and for helping businesspeople to achieve their dreams.

The Essential Archetypes Program TM

Essential Archetypes 

Everyone faces challenges at sometime in their lives and need help to shift their energy, awareness and perspective.  Our behaviour is learnt at a young age.  Unless you address the issues that seem to be repeating in our lives, we get sick and have no choice but to admit, something needs to shift for things to get better.  The Essential Archetype program helps you dig deep into yourself.  You do all the work.  I just guide your through a proven program that helps people step up and step forward in their lives.

The program is the best present you could give yourself.  Why not do an Essential Archetype Review ($250 plus GST) to understand your archetypes first and find out what your archetypes are and if you like it, continue into changing your life.  

This mentoring will help you become unstuck in both your personal and professional lives and teach you how to do this for yourself.

“It’s remarkable how the course works to synchronise all aspects of yourself (your archetypes). It is the best professional development I’ve ever undertaken.” – Isabella Lipinski

“It’s amazing the difference I feel inside.  I am so happy now. I have developed my intuition.” - Bianca

Essential Archetypes™ provides a powerful paradigm capable of reversing your negative habits and limiting beliefs and allowing you to design the life you want.

It can help you in all aspects of your life, from career, wealth, health and happiness to relationships and purpose.

The program empowers the four core drivers of your life:

Personality - 
your personality archetype which is what others see, if you are showing them who you really are.
Emotions - 
your emotional archetype which relates to your self-worth and relationship with money.  This affects your confidence and how much money you earn.
Mind -  
your mental archetype which is associated with all your relationships which includes judgements of yourself and others and whether this is a challenging area of your life.
Purpose - 
Your purpose and your career which ultimately we are all seeking to know and be on track with this

If you want to be successful externally you need to be aligned internally. That which is external is a refection of what is internal.  People engage me to help them to align their mindsets to the future they want to create.

The program will allow you to identify your archetypes in order to fully understand yourself and your drivers. This will enable you to take control of every aspect of your life and rewrite your own story.

Mary Anne has been accredited as a Certified Mentor of the Essential Archetypes™ program by Helen Barton of Insight Teachings.

Interested?  Do an Archetype Review to find out your four Archetypes and if you like it you can do the full 8 month program.

I offer two programs.

A Fast Track program to Understand yourself and align yourself.  It's a four week program.  You will shift energy and gain an overall understanding of what is happening in your life so you can start moving towards the career and happiness you want.

A Dig Deep and Develop Your True Potential program will shift your perspective and help you gain wisdom, move forward in all areas of your life and find your inner joy.  We would cover 4 modules of 6 weeks each.  Most clients finish within in 8 months with a few breaks in between.  We spend an hour a week together.  It's $1500 per module (plus GST) or $6,000 (plus GST) for the full program. 

Contact Mary Anne Waldren for more information.

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

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