03 9557 2016

Essential Archetypes
The best present you can give yourself

Feeling stuck? Not earning enough money? Staying in a dead-end relationship? Finding it tricky to understand your purpose and are not on track with your career? Discover Four Powerful – mental, emotional, personality and purpose - Assets in Your Energy that can unblock you from moving forward!

  • Enhance your relationship with Money and Wealth
  • Consciously align yourself with Success
  • Change patterns and set boundaries
  • Connect with your Purpose
  • Manifest more leadership power

Discover your Personal Archetypes for $250 (Normally $500). After payment you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and then spend an hour with Mary Anne to understand what your archetypes are and how you can work with them to move forward in your life.

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What people are saying about the program!

“After years of working as a communication professional and helping other people and organisations to realise their vision, mission and goal, I realised I had lost sight of my own purpose in life. Fortunately I met Mary Anne, signed up for the Archetype course, and haven’t looked back. It’s remarkable how the course works to synchronise all aspects of yourself (your archetypes). It is the best professional development I’ve ever undertaken.”
– Isabella Lipinski

“It’s amazing the difference I feel inside. It changed my life. I am so happy, I chat to people and build relationships. I go out and try new things without a selfconscious thought in the world. I have developed my intuition. I now listen to myself and thank goodness that inner voice inside me got there. It was so quiet to begin with.”
– Bianca

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