Master Certificate in Business Intuition

Course Every Thursday at lunchtime Starting March 26th 2020

Intuition is the Secret to Sustained Success and Attracting Raving Fans.

“Intuition could be defined as “The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Intuition is not some random, new-agey, whimsical thing – but more of a “complex feeling that arises from pattern recognition.”

Are you tapping into your intuition? On this course you will learn to" know with your heart and love with your mind".  Our true intuition, our inner voice comes from the heart.  Intuition is commonly thought to be associated with psychic energy which is picked up by tapping into the energy of those around us.  Learn to understand the difference on what the mind picks up and the heart knows.

Perhaps you are only using five of your six senses. Or you may be used to using your intuition at home, but turn it off once you walk through the office doors each Monday morning.

Discover how to remove all sense of emotional obligation so your heart completely opens and you attract an unusual quality of raving fans.  A raving fan who not only endorses you but passionately convinces others that they simply must become your loyal customer.

In my work, I have found intuition to be an essential business tool to achieve sustained success.  And, I’m not alone - many of the world’s most successful leaders value intuition highly.  In fact you can learn how to tune in and maximise your current database and increase sales.

Plan for success by tapping into your intuition. Learn to  journal, set intents, goals, write down plans by doing  proven exercises and participating in guided visulisations.

Steve Jobs, Apple founder, may have appeared to be a man entrenched in his mental processes.  However, he revealed that for him, intuition was a very powerful thing, far more powerful than intellect, and that it had impacted upon his work greatly.

John Lennon agreed. He understood its significance, and even wrote a song about Intuition.  The chorus line proclaims, “Ah Intuition takes me there; intuition takes me everywhere.”

Do you tune into your intuition each day, and if not, let me show you how to tone it up and direct it towards your success in life! And, yes – there may be a reason why you are reading this right now!

The Promise

By the end of this course, you will:

·      Discover how to set powerful boundaries

·      Be able to disarm a workplace manipulator

·      Manage the differences between tricky men and women 

·      Be able to create win-win contracts in healthy collaboration

·      Be able to manage your internal critic

·      Strengthen your leadership skills that increase your success

·      Have learned how to loosen up your creativity in order to welcome unexpected success

·      Discover how to Step into your Power and Use your Voice

·      Learn the Body Language of the Rich and Confident

·      Use Your Anger as Rocket Fuel to Add Presence

·      Attract Raving Fans in Severn Easy Steps

·      Discover Five Secrets Millionaires Use To Increase Your Value

Join me on my 6-Week online Program - Master Certificate in Business Intuition

We cover these key topics:

What is Intuition?  Workplace Woes & Challenges

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning. How tuned in are you?  Are you are working in an unsatisfying job, where you are invisible, unacknowledged or worse, picked on.  Sometimes our intuition gets blocked and we need to learn how to tap into it again to stand up and be who we really are.   Let’s get your connection going so you never have to worry about this again. 

When you don’t listen to yourself first and how to activate your inner intuitive coach

This is an opportunity to observe your life.  Have you always listened to others opinions of who you are and beaten yourself up because of it?  What if what they are saying is wrong and this is not who you really are? Maybe it’s time for you to step into your true self and show up in your own life and be who you know you are?  This week you will learn to trust, have sudden flashes of insight and progress this wisdom into action.

7 Signs of Incoming Intuition and 3 Keys to Business Intuition at Work

Do you want to trust your intuition for the rest of your life?  Let’s begin a journey of hearing that still small voice inside that guides you towards success.  Adopting a growth mindset is imperative to developing your business intuition.  Intuition is a gift we all have that guides us forward if we allow it. 

How to tune in, switch off the Mind and Follow the Intuitive leader

Do you have a habit of doing too much and switch off your intuition?  Learn how to be a super hero in your own life and give your intuition time out from the drama of being too busy.  Learn how to follow your intuitive leader and stay tuned in.  This is where true insights can help you change your life for the better. 

Life beyond Workplace negativity

This is where your intuitive powers and deliberate action come to the fore.  Negative energy is contagious, just like positive energy.  You are either attracted to or repelled by different people’s energies, depending on where your energy is at.  You have a choice whether to allow the negative energy of people infect your space or not.  Learn ways to take control of your own energy field and working space.

3 Ways to Integrate your new power

Learn how to ignite your intuition and attract contracts and be a magnet for great working ideas that will make a difference to your life and those around you. Intuition is a muscle that once developed can help put you on the right path to business prosperity

PLUS, A Bonus FREE Book “Mastering Your Business Intuition – How to Connect and Collaborate with Success” by Mary Anne

BONUS - All participants will be given a FREE one on one session with Mary Anne do undertake an Archetype Review so they can build on their incoming intuition by focusing on their strengths.


If you are struggling with fear and procrastination - do the exercises and watch your energy shift you into gear again

Learn to miraculously connect to your heart and your purpose and move your projects forward

Feel a connection to you inner knowing and the joy that brings

By looking deeply within, hearing inspiring case studies and undertaking the practical intuition advice daily you will begin to overcome fear and lack of confidence and find your courage.

Professional Guidance will help you trust your own inner guidance and move forward peacefully rather than fearfully


"When you learn how to use your intuition, decision making becomes clear and taking action is easier and fun. 
I enjoyed the mix of exercises, mediation and reflection."

Tina Tedesco-Vella

"I'm so grateful I happened to meet Mary Anne through my role in media. Working with her through the Business Intuition course was both energising and enlightening for me. Not only did I gain insights into what really motivates me, I also learned valuable lessons on how to combine the personal and the professional - and met great people along the way. There have been many positive flow-on effects, and I'm excited to see where these changes take me." 

Megan Graham

"Investing in Mary Anne’s courses has been a rewarding journey and a priceless return to what we all have within — the power of intuition.
I’m both awakened and empowered to use the gift of intuition that we all have, ‘especially’ in the business arena because the experience has surprisingly been effortless and dare I say blissful. Yes, bliss in business is achievable, and I won’t settle for less knowing first hand that intuition has always served not only me but the greater good. How can you go wrong following your intuition, so why ignore it or tune out, especially in business?  I am grateful to Mary Anne for sharing her business success that integrates and inspires me to tune in and tone my intuition for success not only in business but life." 

Isabella Lipinski


Cost: $1980 contact [email protected]
Course commences @12 noon AEST from26th March 2020

The first and last week are 1.5 hours.  The weeks in between are one hour.  All sessions are recorded and a video and audio file are given to each participant.

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