Improve your Profile and Reputation in just six weeks.

While it takes on average of 10,000 hours practice to achieve mastery in a field, you can join the popular 6-Week Intensive Master Certificate in Strategic Event Management to fast-track mastery that allows you to create your magnetic personal brand, master unconscious habits, strengthen your vision, run outstanding events, learn collaboration and money-making secrets from the experts and achieve almost any business and personal objectives you can dream up

To claim your success, join the next program - commencing Thursday, 19th February 2020 at 12 noon. Six Group sessions plus two one on one sessions. The first and last class are 1.5 hours, the classes in between are 1 hour.

Courses will be offered late 2020

Group Meetings – all recorded

Week 1. 12 noon 1.5 hours

Week 1. 12 noon 1 hour

Week 1. 12 noon 1 hour

Week 1. 12 noon 1 hour

Week 1. 12 noon 1 hour

Week 1. 12 noon 1.5 hour

Plus 2 one on one meetings to discuss your own project work

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Live Online Course: The six week live program will be held in 60 to 90 minute modules with downloadable audio transcripts available for all students. There will be two additional one on one sessions. Facilitated by the mastermind behind the million-dollar Australian Science Festival and National Science Week, and advisor to both governments and businesses in Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Austria and the USA, Mary Anne Waldren.

  • The course will show you how to
  • Deliver and make an impact with your strategic events.
  • Collaborate and get paid for partnering with others.
  • Stand out with the latest tips, tricks and best-practice templates.
  • Gain confidence and work with the media to deliver powerful messages, coverage and programs.
  • Create a proposal that sells.
  • Dream to achieve your goals

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Week 1:

Events That Change Minds

Value: $497+GST


Week 2:

Everything You Ever Needed to Know
About Event Administration

Value: $497+GST


Week 3:

Be Seen and Heard: How to Run
Events in Partnership with Radio and

Value: $497+GST


Week 4:

Make a Media Fuss

Value: $497+GST


Week 5:

How Do You Pay for It?

Value: $497+GST


Week 6:

It's not over yet

Value: $497+GST


What People Are Saying About Us?

Thank you Mary Anne Waldren for your sharing your valuable knowledge and expertise to assist us in developing our event business.

- Lissa Keogh
General Manager

Mary-Anne's knowledge, experiences and business successes has enabled her to deliver a thorough and highly constructive course for anyone looking for their own success story.

- Kristen Hannan
Event and Conference Coordinator

I really enjoyed the group interaction, developing ideas and concepts as a group and sharing our joint knowledge.I especially enjoyed developing business goals and ideas, brainstorming events and planning projests.

- Nathaniel Ellis

Master Certificate of Strategic Event Management

Up to 25 participants log on one evening a week from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Students are able to interact with Mary Anne delivering the course, personal message her during this time, share documents and other information online, ask questions and participate in interactive discussions. Modules are delivered in a cross between the traditional lecture and tutorial models but with all the advantages of online interaction. If students do not wish to participate in the live course delivery they can download each module’s lecture and accompanying transcript. All students can download course templates and handouts and email their mini-assignments through. Using the online platform is very simple and reliable.

Week 1: Events that change minds

Running an event that will make your audience feel warm and fuzzy is relatively straightforward. Producing an event that will foster the conversations that create change for individuals, organisations, industries, even cities, takes more care. Mary-Anne will help you create events that find strategic solutions to problems.

Week 2: Everything you ever needed to know about event administration

This module will provide you with a selection of event formats, ranging from panel discussions to business speed-dating, and templates that will cover everything from table plans to how to choose talent.

Week 3: Be seen and heard: How to run events in partnership with radio and television

Mary-Anne has helped ABC Radio National produce more than 90 Outside Broadcasts for her clients. She has organised other themed media shows ranging from a dozen National Press Club lunches to Good News Week and will share the strategies behind doing this.

Week 4: Make a media fuss

Generating newspaper, radio, television and online media is one of the most cost-efficient ways you can spend your publicity dollars. Find out how you can influence the media.

Week 5: How do you pay for it?

Cost-recovery should be one of the key aims of any event. There are many different models for achieving this, ranging from user pays to full sponsorship. Enabling you to achieve cost-recovery is the aim of this module.

Week 6: It’s not over yet

Many event-managers neglect evaluation. This is vital if you want to justify your event budget or improve future events. You will be provided with templates of questionnaires and surveys and instructions of what to do with them.

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