Are you an Intuitive Leader?

9 May 2017 11:48 AM - Mary Anne



You must train your intuition - you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide. – Ingrid Bergman


Richard Branson. Oprah. Warren Buffet. Michelle Obama. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. You’ve got what they have. Now, all you need to do is tone it up.


As a business mentor, I know the value of intuition as an essential business tool to achieve sustained success. Intuition is a muscle that once developed can help put you on the right path to business prosperity. These days, Fortune 500 leaders combine their innate inner skill with outside acumen. Now you can, too.


To find out why intuition is the secret to sustained success, join my 6-week online program – commencing Tuesday, 6 June.


This course is about tapping into your creative wisdom and starting to trust the whispers that are within us.  Its’ about training your mind to be attuned to that small inner voice and taking note of the messages and acting on them.  You will learn to trust your own inner knowing and following your intuition no matter what.  In our society, we have been trained to value the mind and dismiss the emotions (in fact hide them).



This is a travesty.  As human beings, we all have intuition.  We all have an inner power that guides us.  Being trained to turn that tap off and listen to one aspect of our being is madness.

Believing that our mind knows best we get stuck in ego and are unable to really be the person we came here to be and shine.


Our history has for too long ignored, repressed and closed down the intuitive mind in order to control us and put us in a box.  The intuitive mind is far more human, it is loving and never criticises. 


If you have been brought up by luddites or worked with dysfunctional people who think personal development is to be diminished, then this course is for you.  Our society, in my view needs to be more compassionate for ourselves and each other.  I have found through dealing with clients they often don’t trust themselves or others. This can be traced back to not having strong boundaries and knowing who they really are.


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Throughout history the most intuitive leaders tapped into their intuition.  
Here's a quiz to do to find out if you are an Intuitive Leader.
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Do you tune into your intuition each day? If not, let me show you how to tone it up and direct it towards your success in life! And, yes – there may be a reason why you are reading this right now!


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