Do you trust everyone on your board?

29 May 2017 3:20 PM - Directorships - The good, the bad and the ugly
Do you trust everyone on your board?

Do you trust everyone on your board? 

"Be interesting, Tell the truth. And if you can't tell the truth, change what you're doing so you can" (John Powers) 

Do you trust everyone on your board?

One way to enhance your career prospects, profits and presence is to share your skills by joining or running boards for government, not-for-profit, commercial, family or even advisory groups. 

The secret is to be active, be awake, alert and present to what is going on!

Being a part of the Brains Trust on a board can often offer REAL opportunities for future partnerships. They are a chance to creatively network with interesting and dynamic people in some fantastic symbiotic relationships.

But beware … boards can also be an area where shenanigans can occur!

The perceived glamour of being on a board is often an illusion, and if that’s what you are looking for, it won’t be too long before the gloss reveals the reality. 

For leaders, these gatherings are a respected place of work where members are expected to give their time, networks, energy and intelligence to benefit the organisations they serve. 

I’ve been on lots of boards. One board I ran for 18 years and I worked with some wonderful people during that time. 

My experiences of being a board member have taught me a lot about light and dark behaviour. I have in my kit bag of board stories, having been on a host of different types of boards, in both advisory and director roles.

There, I have seen of-service leadership – but also plenty of self-serving behaviour.

When a board director’s energies are focused on the greater good or being of service to the organisation, then we have a powerful win-win. Everyone is developing, the focus is on collaboration, integrity a steadfast commitment to win/win deals with an attitude of can-do.

I participated in the AICD company director course 25 years ago and, to this day, believe it was one of the best business courses I have taken. To be on a board, especially as a director one has fiduciary duties which must be taken seriously. To not do so, could mean that one’s own company could be closed down.

Thus, I always took my board roles very seriously.

But it can be a bit like swimming in shark-infested waters! I’ve had several experiences as a director on private boards, where directors - and even a chairman once - were removed due to self-interest. Sometimes directors get greedy and do not come from a trustworthy stance and need to be removed. This is never a pleasant thing to be part of, however, if board directors do not take the role of being of service then, like many good leaders, I am disinterested in being associated with that energy. 

I have left boards for a variety of reasons over my career.

Sometimes it was because my job was done and I wanted to pursue other interests. At other times, my exit from a board was because I acted with integrity and had questioned behaviours that were not enlightened or contained misinformation that was practiced by domineering and capricious personalities. 

Sometimes, you have to bring out the big guns in the name of peace.

I had to close an entire organisation and its board once, because the major sponsor was not coming from a place of integrity. This meant giving back over a million dollars which to many witnessing the journey questioned. At the time, I was backed by an of-service team and supported in making this important decision.

When you possess a strong foundation of values, you will find the boards that value you. I have always collaborated and spoken my truth, trusted my instincts and worked hard at being an influential leader. 

If you are wanting to get on board, run a board, get off boards or learn more about being a board member, it’s time to skill up!

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