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Master Series Workshop

Thursday 26 June 2014

The Master Series of events fosters the conversations that create change for individuals, organisations, industries, even cities.

Hundreds of people have participated in Master Series events in the five years the programs have been running.

The Masters have mentored hundred's of participants.

Magic happens in the room when the right people are selected to discuss the right subject. Agendas are realigned. Partnerships are forged. Funding and human resources are sourced. Problems are solved.

And the magic continues after the events finish.

The Master Series incorporates three types of events:

  1. Interactive talks: Mary-Anne Waldren presents talks on subjects she has mastery in. Topics include leadership, collaboration, sponsorship, speaking, networking and event management.

  2. Showcase events: Four Masters are selected to showcase their expertise during the Master Mentor and Master Collaborator event.

  3. Workshop: Five Masters and between 40 and 100 participants are chosen for these highly strategic events.

  4. Four workshops have been developed, the Master Entrepreneur Program, the Master Intrepreneur Program, the Master Builder of Communities and the Conversation series. These events operate either as traditional-style forums of as speed-dating events where Master rotate tables.


License opportunities: Organisations can either commission Mary Anne Waldren to run the Master events or they can cost-effectively license the program. Full training and a comprehensive User Guide are provided.


“Mary-Anne Waldren ‘s been renowned for a long time as someone who’s a Master at bringing people together to have the conversations that are needed to change the way we think and change the way we do things and, more importantly, get in touch with tomorrow.” 

– John Miller, Executive Director, Master Builders Association