You're The Voice - Take a Stand for those unable to protect themselves

19 Jul 2019 8:54 AM -

Important social issues can be heard when ordinary people and organisations take a stand. Johnny Farnham’s song “You’re the voice” is about finding the courage and confidence to speak up against the ills of society. 

The media are brilliant at removing the camouflage around issues of national significance and igniting change through conversations. 

This month Canberra Hospital will be delivering a media event with ABC Radio National called “Good Living and Safe Dying”. End of life plans will be discussed in this broadcast to over 2 million listeners and streamed to over 28 end of life centers so their staff can listen to Geraldine Doogue and the panel at their conference live. 

In September, CRC CARE are tackling “Trust and Expert Communication in the age of social media” where remediation experts will be talking about the risks to land and water cleanup of hazardous chemicals. How affected communities are being treated and how to make clean up processes more effective will be openly discussed. The conference will be covered by Radio National’s Big Ideas program and ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program. .

Both events affect the health and wellbeing of millions of people. Each hour-long radio program is aimed at influencing agendas, creating change and attracting awareness and ongoing funding. 

If you’re the “voice” for something that matters, holding a national conference and interested in putting a one hour strategic radio panel to get your message out, get in touch. I have two places left for the end of the year to help organizations expand their reach and services.

Have a wonderful July

Mary Anne 

Ps. I am working between NZ and Australia at present and am always available by email, phone or online via zoom.