The Master Series of Events

The Master Series of events are programs aimed at professionals at all career stages who want to learn from some of the best in the business to fast-track themselves and their enterprises or communities.  the programs for corporates, entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, Associations and even on cities to influence agendas and get people to start collaborating and working together  If you are interested in transformational change, then I am happy to work with you on a strategy to achieve sustained results: .

The Master Advisor Program

Mary Anne brings leaders together to mentor others. Brokering, connecting and mentoring business people is her specialty.  Mary Anne matches Founders and Specialist Professionals, to business people and organisations who want to grow by obtaining Advisors, Advisory Boards, Boards & Investors. 

The Master Entrepreneur Program

Participants speed-date Master Entrepreneurs during this hugely popular fast track to business success. The best participants are selected and mentored by the Masters afterwards. Past Masters have included Fantastic Furniture founder Julian Tertini, Founder of Protocom and ActivIdentity Director Jason Hart, developer John Hindmarsh, ITL Limited founder Bill Mobbs and founder of Murray’s Coaches, Buses and Limousines Ron Murray. 

The Master Entrepreneur Program has saved me two years of work. It is by far the most valuable business training tool I have come across.” – Participant"


“I have worked with the remarkable Mary-Anne Waldren on creating ABC events for over a decade. She dreams up juicy topics, provides many of the panelists, puts the partnerships together to fund the event and sells the event so we have a live packed house. You can’t say ‘No’ to Mary-Anne. But why would you want to?”
- the ABC’s Bernie Hobbs

Engage Mary-Anne to create and run your next event.

Mary-Anne Waldren has three decades of experiences in event management. She has created and run everything from one-off Radio National forums to entire festivals. She tailor-makes her events to satisfy her client’s objectives and often helps clients define what it is they really need. Mary-Anne is an event-management veteran. Click here to contact her.