Turning Business Challenges into Business Wisdom

Remember – ‘no man was ever wise by chance Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Challenges or conflicts in business are inevitable. How you handle them will determine the outcome. When you identify with the problem, you can begin to work on the solutions, but not until then. This course will teach you to welcome the problem and give you strategies on how to Acknowledge It, Welcome It and Evaluate and Celebrate It. Leading through conflict is not easy, it will take honesty to face your conflict and courage to change it. Once you do you can position yourself as the benefactor of conflict and not the victim. 

This course will teach you how to connect to your intuition, to recognise the problem and give you strategies to move beyond

Course covers the following three modules:

Acknowledge It

Do you live your life under someone else’s belief system? Once you understand yourself you can take action. Identifying hidden enemies can help you understand challenging people, gain a deeper perception and discover how to handle them. This information will help you gain Ah Ha moments and assist you to explore your life by identifying your values and set healthy boundaries so you create a meaningful life by collaborating and celebrating with others 

Welcome It

Handling disputes and disagreements between one or multiple parties can be challenging. To minimize the negative energy in a workplace it’s important to understand energy and how our intuition can be helpful. When colleagues do not understand each other conflict and aggression can occur. If they can understand why there is a difference of beliefs and why both sides believe they are correct then they can avoid a conflict. By not judging others and understanding that others have personal beliefs which may differ to our own, we can respond rather than react to another to see a way forward.

Elevate It and Celebrate It

Conflict impacts the energy of individuals, culture of organisations, employee retention rates and revenue. Every business needs a business bundle of agreements that set the intent of the organization. Embrace difference, healthy relationships and forge sustainable partnerships through collaboration, plus they pay off when everyone is aligned to the same purpose. It will discuss ground rules for collaboration, intent, trust, partnerships and success. Everyone is unique and all participants will be given an Archetype review as part of the course. 

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