Anchor your words for a cause on radio

29 Apr 2019 11:00 AM - Mary Anne

Anchor your words for  a cause on radio

Calling all NGO’s, Associations, Charities and NFP’s

Cause related radio programs impact government policy. In fact, programs with a panel of three or four people who are strategically placed can position organisations to attract funding and achieve incredible influence.

Have you ever considered having a one hour pre-recorded radio program at your next conference? I have pitched over 80 successful programs and worked with presenters, producers and technicians at ABC Radio National to do outside broadcasts at events. After pioneering a partnership with ABC Radio National 26 years, my clients have achieved remarkable awareness and funding outcomes through this medium.

Why not train up a team member or your communication manager so they can learn how to anchor your message via a outside broadcast that attracts between one and four million informed listeners.

After Anzac Day I am offering one-on-one tuition for two hours on how to do this. After you develop your idea, you can pitch it yourself or ask me to reach out to my network and pitch it for you.

Happy Anzac Day and please get in touch if you are interested