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About Mary Anne Waldren  Mary Anne Waldren is a facilitator, trainer, business mentor and event creator who rolls up her sleeves and helps business people break free of old patterns in both their business and personal lives, by teaching them how to do this for themselves.

Mary Anne is the mastermind of positive change and is known for her ability to connect the right people to have the conversations that change agendas.  She became known in the 1990’s as the driver of the million-dollar Australian Science Festival and the multi-million National Science Week.  Business is in Mary Anne’s blood as she grew up in a large family known for its retail, property development, rural holdings and motels.

Mary Anne runs a range of innovative international leadership programs that include:

The Master Series of events are programs aimed at professionals at all career stages who want to learn from some of the best in the business to fast-track themselves and their enterprises or communities.  I have run the Master Series programs for several sectors which had ongoing business results for the participating companies - all events were sponsored by organisations who partnered with me to run the program or the participants paid their own way to attend.  Groups of 30-35 people benefit the most by this program.
It has been aimed at early career professionals to have access to Masters who have grown global business.   Each participants completes a two page questionnaire about themselves and the Masters read them before the event. Each participant is hoping to be mentored by one of the Masters for two hours as a result of attending the event. Only 5 people are to be mentored by the Masters, however a third of the room are generally mentored which are extradorinaiy as each Master comes emotionally engaged in the exercise.  The participants complete a questionnaire on who they want to be mentored by and the Masters then chose to mentor individuals at a later time. 

There are up to 40 participants and 5 Masters.  The Masters spend half an hour at each table sharing their wisdom.  The program has been run under other names e.g. Master Entrepreneur Program, Master Collaborator Program, Master Builders of Community Program depending on the strategy and the clients requirements.

Here is a video of my Master Series which shows how that it has been successfully delivered in others sectors.  Politicians, associations and business leaders love this program.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLXrKfst81Q
The cost to run this program is $1,000 plus GST per participant.  Further details can be given upon request.

Master Certificate in Business Intuition: Do you tune into your intuition each day? If not, let me show you how to tone it up and direct it towards your success in life! To have sustained success, your intuition is the leadership tool you need to develop. To find out more about the 6-week on-line program and use your voice in potent ways, transform your inner talk, learn the body language of the rich and confident, make your anger work for you and claim your power in six easy steps, trust your intuition and go here. Course $1,000 plus GST for people in science related industries: www.maryannewaldren.com.au/training/intuition-audio-program.aspx

The Essential Archetype Program: Identify your four fascinating archetypes, understand who you are and why you do what you do and take back control of your life! If you’re ready to rewrite your story, reverse negative habits and design the life you want, this is the course for you.  This course will help you become unstuck in both your personal and professional lives and teach you how to do this for yourself.  Four five week modules at $1,000 plus GST each module.  The Modules cover personality, emotions, mind and purpose. www.maryannewaldren.com.au/Mentoring.aspx

Business Mentoring: Mary-Anne helps business leaders a develop the whole toolkit of optimum skills, from planning, marketing, promotional, media and events. If you want to know about how to be an effective board member, look at the organisation’s big picture and protect your IP internally and externally or you want to learn about  collaboration and deal making or speaking up for success get in contact .  Mary Anne will tailor make any mentoring program to her clients needs. If it’s time to grow your yourself or add value to a business you are with, join Mary Anne’s 1-on-1 Program to propel yourself forward: Five one on one sessions at $1,000 plus GST. www.maryannewaldren.com.au/Mentoring.aspx